Quality & Safety


Team Tube is committed to ensure our place as an industry leader in health and safety and quality management. Our goal is to have no accident, injury or ill health to employees, contractors or visitors to our premises. The application of the principles and techniques of quality management result in reduced costs, improved quality and improved relationships between Team Tube and our customers. Our proprietary “Safe Point” and "Quality Resources" computer software ensure thorough attention to all elements of our health and safety and quality programs and drive our success in safety, employee participation, compliance and quality service.

Employee engagement and participation is encouraged with our “Safe Points” Incentive Program. Employees are awarded incentives for reporting substandard conditions, near misses, participating in workplace inspections, attending safety meetings and for making suggestions that improve our safety program. Incidents and potential issues are investigated thoroughly, well documented, and lessons learned are shared with other locations so that we can collectively work towards making our work places safer for everyone. Continuous improvement in our health and safety and quality programs is a vital element which drives our efforts.

Team Tube locations in Alberta are COR certified through Partners in Injury Reduction and we have implemented the same program requirements and expectations at all of our locations. At Team Tube, safety is our top priority and we believe that the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is the foundation of our success. Our customers’ satisfaction, quality products and services will continue to be the expected standard for our future.

Team Tube is committed to Customer Satisfaction. Please take a moment to complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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